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We can design and construct custom made car ports to suit you needs

This custom designed and built carport was built using Australian treated pine for all frame work, blue board that was then render painted and square edge weatherboards.

The look was complete with gable vent and finials.

An extra wide access perm-a-core door (1000mm) was installed for easy access to the rear yard.

The carport rear wall was AC sheeted and painted to match the right hand wall and a roller door installed.

Half the roof drains into the existing house gutter while the right hand side has a gutter fitted with a downpipe draining into a water talk

The roof is covered with colorbond corrugated sheets with tinted laserlite sheets to work as skylights. Note the render painted wall and posts.

Internal walls covered with AC Sheeting. To complete the look, the AC sheets can be render painted to give that texture look as shown to the left of the above picture. If you prefer, the walls can be covered with plaster sheets and stopped and finished off.

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